We want to empower girls with the courage and insight to recognize contemporary hopes and dreams


Our Activities: The Past, Present, and Future

We have only started operating in the middle of 2014. As our organization grows we hope to have the capacity to be able to work with other organizations as well as having our direct scholarship programs administered by our own organization.

Through our volunteers, our web site, fund raising activities we will approach individuals and  charitable organizations who share our passion for educating girls and explain to them our goals, how we work and our code of conduct. Through their donations we will be able to support our goal. We will also utilize corporate gift matching programs. In a  few months in 2014 we were able to  generate over $6400 and we believe we will be able to do much better as we start the new year. We have already distributed  $5650 to CYDD to provide scholarship to 5 female college students for the 2014-2015 academic year. In addition we have provided funds to a local charity in Houston,  Girls Inc. for their CLUBZoom Engineering program , which aims to educate girls about engineering careers.

So far we have receive verbal commitments from over 30+ individuals for 2015 each sponsoring at least $400+ level. We believe we will continue to increase our sponsor base greatly. In addition to working with individuals one on one, we are in the process of setting up this web site where we will provide case histories, details or our activities and through educating like minded individuals be able to receive on line donations through our web site. We will also use mail, e-mail, phone  and other electronic communications to reach our target audience and educate them about our mission, goals and solicit donations.

In addition to above fund raising activities we will also have other activities such as garage sales, benefit events, dinners etc. to finance our program.

How will we operate, The Principles - 100% Model

Our organization will have a very low cost to operate. None of the officers, board of directors will receive any compensation for their time and effort except re-imbursement of authorized spending for fund raising purposes. We will publish on our web site our yearly tax filings for our contributors to make sure their donations are used for the intended purpose.

ETW Fund has a Board or Directors and an Executive Committee who will execute the actions of the organization. Members of the Executive Committee  and Board of Directors will abide by the Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policies. The board of Directors will meet each quarter to review activities of EWTF and minutes of such meetings will be recorded.

EWT Fund working with other charitable organizations will install a selection process based on academic achievement and financial need. The program will be administered on a yearly bases. At the beginning of the academic year through schools/colleges availability of funds for scholarship will be advertized with the requirements for eligibility and supporting documentation. Most of the available funds will be distributed as scholarships. A small amount, approximately 10% will be reserved for the following academic year. This portion is intended for the case where we are unable to raise necessary funds to continue to fund all the students that are eligible for continuation of funding. As we believe the most important outcome for our activity is attaining goal of graduation, these funds will be able to ensure that we are able to fund eligible students to achieve graduation even if there is shortfall in new donations.

Who are we

We are a group of individuals dedicated improving society through education, more specifically through women’s education.

Why are we doing this

Education for Women In Turkey Fund (referred to as “EWT Fund” here after) was organized exclusively for educational purpose. Specifically EWT Fund was organized to provide financial assistance in the form of scholarship to academically successful but financially disadvantaged girls studying  high school or university level educational institutions. Social research indicate that children of educated women are more likely to have a better  education and attain benefits of education both for themselves and society at large. In fact it is shown that an educated mother have a positive impact up to five generations on their  family. One of our demographic targets, even though not exclusively, is the girls from lower income families in Turkey. Statistics obtained by “ Cagdas Yasami Destekleme Dernegi (CYDD) - (The Association for Supporting Contemporary Life Ankara Branch) indicate that:

According to Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) 2010 figures, 13.45% of women and 6.5% of men in Turkey are illiterate. And according to the UN’s 2010 Human Development Report, the average length of time spent in education in Turkey is 6.5 years, compared with an average for all OECD countries of 11.4 years. Ministry of Education of Turkey statistics also tell us that 66.14% of girls and 69.33% of boys make the transition from elementary to intermediate school.

The EU’s 2011 education report shows that in Turkey 14.7% of the population achieve a higher education qualification. This compares to an average for the EU of 40%.

OECD 2012 Education report indicate that only around 15% of women with primary level education (secondary school) participate in labor market. For secondary education this level goes above 50% (high school), while for tertiary education (college level) it reaches 90%.

The overall participation of women in labor force is only 29% putting Turkey not even in the top 100 countries for an economy that is 14th largest in the world. (http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SL.TLF.CACT.FE.ZS)

The difference between education levels of males and females graduating from high school increases even more and the disparity is most striking at college graduation levels.

One of the reasons for the disparity between educational attainments among males vs. females is that in general lower income families with large families confronted with cost of educating their children are more likely to choose to spend their limited financial funds for educating their sons rather than daughters.

Who are we helping & How are we helping

Our organization aims to help high school and college level girls of low income families (generally defined as below official poverty line) through financial help; among others,  with scholarships to cover essential expenses so that they are likely to continue their education and graduate. We believe graduation is the most impactful outcome of their education which will provide better opportunities for employment, as well as being a productive and responsible citizen.

 We will also support organizations and individuals who have similar aims as us in USA principally in Texas.

As we are a small group with very limited financial resources we will initially work among others, Ankara Branch of CYDD as they have a proven track record of accomplishments in this field and cooperate with them in this effort. We have chosen CYDD after careful evaluation of their selection process, low overhead costs, large group of volunteers and procedures they have in place. Some of our members have visited them (at their own expense) in their offices, reviewed with them their policies and activities, met with school officials where grants are provided as well as students who receive scholarships through this organization. After extensive review we have selected this organization as one who have similar goals as our organization and has required prudent mind set to spend  every penny they receive for the intended purpose. They also have extensive support structures through their volunteers to assist students with their studies and coping with difficulties they face. We believe this support structure is also critical for attainment of the ultimate aim of our efforts: graduation.

We will continue to deploy same approach with other organizations we may work with in the future.