“Wines around Mediterranean" fundraising event" - April 21, 2018

Dear All,

First of all, we want to extend my sincere gratitude for Oya and Brian Freed’s amazing generosity for opening their house for the third year for EWT Fund’s annual fundraiser event on April, 21 2018. Their generous gifts; opening their house, donating all the drinks, some of the food, all the services and a few beautiful items for the silent auction had a major impact on helping to surpass previous year’s amount. Thank you!

We appreciate you making the effort to come to our fundraising event for Education for Women in Turkey Fund. We had an amazing turnout, and we managed to bring in $11,072. Your attendance and support have played an important role in our campaign’s success. Thank you.

With your contribution, we’ll be able to support 28 high school girls for one school year. Your generosity and support are an encouraging reminder of why we started EWT Fund—to help the underprivileged girls with their education.

Cagatay Atmaca, entertained the guests with his live music while the guests were enjoying mostly homemade Turkish food and tasting variety of wines. We are grateful for Cagatay and all the volunteers who made food donations.

Hung Truong (www.hungphotography.net) was amazing. Thank you Suur Biliciler for donating his services and Hung for awesome pictures. 

Silent Auction was very successful so I am so grateful for each and every one of our donors. Thank you.

Thank you all for being part of such a successful fundraiser and we hope to see you in our future events.

EWT Fund, Leadership Team