Educate a girl.
Empower the next generation.

Why making a monthly gift is a great choice:

Most effective way to make a difference.
The ongoing support of monthly donors helps to ensure that EWT Fund has resources to high school and college level girls of low income families (generally defined as below official poverty line) through financial help; among others, with scholarships to cover essential expenses so that they are likely to continue their education and graduate. 

100% Model
When you join EWT Fund 100% of every donation goes to further our mission. Our organization will have a very low cost to operate. None of the officers, board of directors will receive any compensation for their time and effort except re-imbursement of authorized spending for fund raising purposes. We will publish on our web site our yearly tax filings for our contributors to make sure their donations are used for the intended purpose.

Easiest and most convenient way to give.
Make one monthly gift today, and know your charitable giving is in place for the entire year to come - no further action required.

You can cancel at any time.
If your situation changes for any reason, you can always change or cancel your gift.

Note: For additional information, including one-time giving options, visit Donations.



100% of every donation goes to further our mission. Any amount, whether $5 or $500, will help us provide resources to girls and young women in Turkey. 

Suggested monthly gifts start at only $25/month.